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Welcome to Sinvention's Wholesale website. For those of you that do not know us, Sinvention has been offering very high quality leather BDSM products since 1999. Every item is handcrafted by Mother of Sinvention, Father James and their small team of disciples at our studios which are now located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  Everyone who purchases leather BDSM gear online or through a retail store knows that there are huge differences in the quality of functional leather goods. Clients in major city centres around the world have praised our Sinvention superior quality! Everyone who has purchased Sinvention leather products agrees that "high quality" products such as ours sell for much more, if you can even find better!

The sourcing of quality leathers is a full time job for us. We commit to using enivironmentally friendly North American or European tanned leathers. These areas of the world have strict guidelines for both waste disposal and employee standards. That means no toxic polluting of the worlds oceans and no slave or child labour in the production of these hides. We also pay close attention to the quality of the leather. This means we will always offer you the best of the best.

We use only industry tested hardware. We have searched around the world for the pinnacle of each example of hardware we use. If you pay close attention to the tooling on our metal fittings you will see the difference. Our fancy screw rivets are aesthetically nicer than any form of rivet for leather on the market. The black solid steel rivets we use are always either hidden behind a leather lining or finished with nickle plated smooth caps. All our rings, buckles, dees and snaps are strong welded nickle plated steel. Imported "Vegetable tanned" English Bridle Leather is what the majority of our line is constructed with. Most manufacturers use either thin painted leathers, stretchy chromium tanned latigo or even synthetic leatherette. We line our goods with heavy coat or glove weight soft cowhide. Our cowhides are carefully chosen paying to attention to grains and quality. Items made with this kind of leather don't break or wear out, they just keep getting better!

We always attempt to keep hardware or rivets from coming into contact with the wearer. This is always a good thing for comfort or where sessions go on for long durations. If you look at other articles on the market pay close attention to this. There are almost always either inside rivets or buckles touching the skin. We glue then sew our leather linings in place. If a lining is just glued it ussually ends up coming off after time. All our gear is put together is such a way that our linings don't bunch up. Pretty much all gear that can lay flat and has a lining, the lining will bunch up. The edges of all our leather goods are hand rounded and smoothed, and all corners are round. This helps to minimize marks on the wearer and adds additional comfort.

Sinvention.com has been manufacturing by hand and distributing quality leather BDSM and fetish gear since 1999. Customers tell us that they prefer our products over the competitors and demonstrate that choice when 95% of them purchase at least a second time! That's what our dealers tell us. Many years of family run leather product manufacturing and worldwide wholesale distribution experience will provide your business with unsurpassed quality. We always strive to provide professional ontime production and fast reliable customer service. Our head leather crafter and BDSM / Fetish enthusiast is a second generation leather industry pro. In addition to her lifelong tutoring she also has 12 years experience crafting and designing for two different leading manufacturers of leather Equestrian and Pet products.

Every article of Sinvention gear is an example of attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Each of our crafting professionals are trained in the special techniques required to work in this medium. The machines we use are unique and custom tooled so that quality is always consistent in every item you'll purchase. Our products work well, they don't just look good! You and your customers will be happy and amazed at the difference in our leather work. No more will you be replacing broken substandard products, our leather bondage gear just keeps getting better!  

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